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How Software Integrations Can Help Your Small Business

How Software Integrations Can Help Your Business With the advent of networked, cloud-based software, it has become easier than ever for information to travel seamlessly and nearly automatically between software platforms that your small business uses. Software integration, in general, is the combination of each of your software products into a system that can “talk” …

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3 Easy Online Marketing Strategies For Local Businesses

As a local business, it’s becoming more complicated to market your business to the right customers. With national competitors that are larger than life, how do you stand out from the crowd when it matters most? As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. You know how important it is to …

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Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Dashboards – Benefits, & Features of a Social Media Dashboard

While social media is undoubtedly driving substantial traffic to small businesses, it can be hard to verify exactly which sites are most useful for your particular products or services. This is where social media dashboards (SMB’s) come in: these easy-to-use interfaces, and incorporated technologies [RB1] allow you to make excellent choices in the management of your …

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Prepare for Taxes

How to Prepare for Next Tax Season in 6 Steps

With tax season wrapping up, now is a great time to start a new practice of preparing ahead of time. Think first and foremost of the biggest headaches you’ve had as you prepare your taxes this year; what kind of change could help that make your tax preparation experience easier next year? Print Estimated Tax …

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Social Media Dashboard Benefits

CUE’s Social Media Dashboard

CUE has the ability to help you combine your social media presence into one consolidated place. While there are simple dashboards involved in most social media platforms, there are some major benefits to combining these all together with Social Media Dashboards (SMDs). With CUE’s Social Media Dashboards you can integrate multiple systems and get an …

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How to Market Your Business on a Budget

Businesses always need to find great new customers, but how do you handle this when you’re marketing on a budget? With the rise of internet technology, it is easier than ever to find the exact people who want to find you! Here are some great tactics for creating your cost-effective marketing campaign. Marketing Your Business …

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How Cloud Technology Can Help Your Business Grow

Finding a competitive edge is something you should be passionate about as a business owner. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is by embracing the latest business technology on the market. If you are trying to increase the flexibility offered to employees, then embracing the cloud revolution is a must. …

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Small Business SEO Tips

Small Business SEO Tips

As a small business, your website is becoming more important than ever before, and while there are tons of creative ways you can market your small business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to make sure more people are seeing your website and thus coming to you for business. Small business SEO doesn’t …

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Which Small Business Tax Software will Make Taxes Easiest for You?

Completing your yearly business tax forms is no one’s favorite job. The stress of constantly changing laws, confusing webs of paperwork, and trying to protect every precious penny of your hard-earned profits is enough to drive many entrepreneurs into the willing arms of overpriced preparation professionals. Of course, accountants are an invaluable source of insight …

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2018 Tax Law Change Overview for Small Business

This year, your small business will be in the most advantageous place if you have a comprehensive understanding of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from back in December of 2017. The overall goals of the tax reform were to make the United States an attractive place to do business, to simplify the deductions process …

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