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Which Small Business Tax Software will Make Taxes Easiest for You?

Completing your yearly business tax forms is no one’s favorite job. The stress of constantly changing laws, confusing webs of paperwork, and trying to protect every precious penny of your hard-earned profits is enough to drive many entrepreneurs into the willing arms of overpriced preparation professionals. Of course, accountants are an invaluable source of insight …

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2018 Tax Law Change Overview for Small Business

This year, your small business will be in the most advantageous place if you have a comprehensive understanding of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from back in December of 2017. The overall goals of the tax reform were to make the United States an attractive place to do business, to simplify the deductions process …

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How to Prep Your Small Business for 2018 Tax Law Changes

Overview of Preparing for 2018 Tax Law Change There are a few ways in which you want to make sure you’ve prepared for the first year of implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), also known as the 2018 Tax Law Change. You want to do at least the following as a small business, …

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Expert Tips: Start a Successful Business from your Side Hustle

2019 is your year to put some “muscle in your hustle” and turn it into a viable small business. Teddy Roosevelt was right on the money when he said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” The very fact you are reading this blog is proof that you are ready to take …

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Checklist of Essential Legal Documents for Your Business

Before you open your doors on your new business, make sure you’ve got all the details out of the way. Entrepreneurs who are fully focused on success need to look beyond sales inventory, supplies, and workspace issues. Legal documentation for your startup is a vital part of getting ready for your grand opening. These important …

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How to Scale Your Small Business: 5 Growth Tips for Entrepreneurs

Scaling your business can be a very exciting endeavor. In addition to increasing your revenue, the growth of your company could also mean that you’re able to serve more people and make a bigger impact on your community. However, business growth can also be stressful, as it requires you to invest tremendous capital, time, and …

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Signs your business is growing too fast and what to do about it

A growing business is a great thing, and it is what we all strive for. Rapid growth can also be a pandora’s box of problems. Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of KIND Snacks, knows the pains of entrepreneurial ups and downs. In a FastCompany interview, Lubetzky said, “Fast growth can hide a lot of weaknesses …

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13 Resolutions To Grow Your Business in 2019

Your initial business plan served you well. Your business is on its way to becoming all it can be. Plan to make 2019 your best year ever, both personally and professionally, by striving for a better work-life balance. This is the perfect time to analyze your business’s progress to date and formulate a growth strategy …

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5 Things You Should Do Before Starting a Business in 2019

While starting and running a business is one of the most rewarding and economically productive things you can do, entrepreneurship is far from easy. As Small Biz Trends reported, a little over half of small businesses fail within the first four years, with “incompetence” being the top reason for failure. We’re not saying this to …

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Starting a Small Business: Checklist for Success

How exactly do you start a new business? From obtaining the proper permits and licenses to finding the right retail location, getting your start-up off the ground takes a lot of planning. Use this checklist to make sure all the details are firmly in place before opening your doors for business. Identify Yourself Develop a …

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