Author: Francesca Nicasio

4 Technologies That are Transforming How SMBs Do Business

“Revolutionary.” “Innovative.” “Game-changing.” These are just some of the big, bold adjectives that people throw around when describing new trends or technologies. Heck, you may have heard these first-hand from a friend, colleague, or (more likely) a salesperson trying to get you to sign up for their product or service. While there’s nothing wrong about …

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4 Productivity-Killing Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make

Making mistakes is part of every new entrepreneur’s journey. In some cases, errors could even lead to valuable lessons that can propel you to the next stage of your business. However, there are certain types of mistakes that are downright counterproductive, and avoiding them can put hours back into your day. Here are 4 of …

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tools to start a business

12 Essential Tools Every Startup Should Consider

Here’s one of the best things about being an entrepreneur today: you don’t need a whole lot of capital in your pocket to get your business off the ground. If you have a cool idea, a compelling story, and some marketing chops to boot, it’s entirely possible to raise all the money you need through …

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