Keeping track of potential customers, leads, and current customers can feel nearly impossible in a fast-paced industry, and we’ve reached the point where a Rolodex just doesn’t cut it anymore. Luckily, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is at its best for the sales profession and is making the sales process gradually more efficient, saving you and your sales team time. There are many different options of CRM software, and most of them have very similar functionality, so what is the best CRM for your small business? We have done the research and narrowed it down to the five best options for a small business owner.

Looking for a simple yet highly functional CRM Software? Try Base CRM!

The perfect combination of simplicity alongside useful and game-changing features. It has a drag-and-drop sales pipeline dashboard, as well as a predictive lead scoring and forecasting system. You can easily convert to the Base CRM software by uploading an excel sheet or address book that your company may have been using previously. Sales progress and sales goals can be set and tracked within the system, and you can share them with different members of your sales force.

Base CRM features email, call, text, and calendar integration giving you a wholesome overview of communication. What is most notable and useful about Base CRM is its mobile app. The app can be used by your salesforce anywhere in the world. It features offline access that uploads any new inputs made as soon as the device is re-connected. Mobile mapping allows for your salespeople to plan the most efficient sales routes and includes one tap driving directions to each location. You can also access pipeline analysis and forecasting reports on the go. Base CRM is a CUE managed software, which means that you have access to a 30-day free trial through our website.

Example of the displayed analytics that Base CRM offers, taken from

Looking for a simple and easy to use CRM software? Try Pipedrive!

Simplicity is a common desired trend across most industries today, especially when it comes to software. Pipedrive has used this to their advantage and thrives on it. This software has the highest user rate from the CRMs in this blog and does so by focusing on a simplistic yet versatile sales pipeline model. Some of its more notable features include:

  • A clear visual interface of the customized pipeline, making organization painless.
  • Accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Easy to import and export data.
  • Pipedrive also offers email integration, which gives the user great overall visibility of past and current communications regarding your deals and contracts.

Our sales team uses Pipedrive so we can confirm that it is one of the best CRM for a small business. CUE also offers a 30-day free trial of Pipedrive on our website.

A layout of Pipedrive’s simplistic sales pipeline, taken from

Looking for a comprehensive and feature-loaded CRM software? Try AgileCRM!

AgileCRM is another commonly used software and offers some very unique features that attract its customers. Like Pipedrive, AgileCRM collects analytics for monitoring business performance, as well as email integration. However, AgileCRM allows for users to see whether the recipient of your email has opened it, and can also tell you if they have spent any time looking at the products or services that your company offers online. AgileCRM collects this data and ranks these leads higher so that your salesforce can focus on and pursue the most engaged leads. These insights on valuable contacts can also aid in the maximization of ROI within your marketing department, as they will have more information of which audience to target. Finally, AgileCRM includes an optional gamification feature. This feature allows you to introduce a component of competition to your sales team, as well as driving collaboration for better results. Ranking of salespeople bases on call counts, revenue earned, deals closed, etc. This can be positive in some industries but could have a potential negative impact on the stress and overall happiness of your sales team.

The analytics and gamification features within AgileCRM, taken from


From this list of software, you will notice a consistency in the sales pipeline and its various customization features including lead ranking and drag-and-drop lead placement. Base CRM is notable beyond these features for its analytics and goal setting features that impact the operations of the sales team, as well as its support for sales travel of any kind with offline uploading and mobile mapping of customer/lead locations. Pipedrive offers a simple layout of your sales pipeline and utilizes its mobile app to make this pipeline accessible. AgileCRM is the most unique with its analytical email integration and gamification options.

Our Final Word

Don’t settle for an excel sheet or low-quality CRM software when the options like these five CRM’s exist. There are so many choices and so many features that will save you time and money in the end. We’ve done the research and narrowed it down to five, but if you are looking for more options, check out this article by Fit Small Business. To compare any of this software, check out our comparison charts here.


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