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Top 10 Emerging HR Trends

We live in the age of disruption. Every industry, every job, and every company may find itself changing rapidly, subject to forces affecting the globe. Changes in technology and the internet create disruption across all phases of business. Human Resources professionals find themselves at the forefront of these changes, assisting management and employees to navigate …

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Amazing Slack Features You May Not Know About!

Most people in the startup or small business community have heard of Slack and probably share a passion for this fantastic messaging tool. Whether it’s because of the organization it encourages, the many application integrations, or the ease of file sharing; there’s no other messaging platform like Slack. You may consider yourself a seasoned veteran …

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How AI Customer Support Can Improve Customer Service

Traditional customer service needs a lot of manpower. If your company is answering calls and emails manually, you also can’t respond quickly to all of your customer’s queries. Artificial intelligence can help give you the speed and flexibility your company needs. How AI Customer Support Can Improve Customer Service With the rise in online business …

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Slack: Why your team needs it

Slack is a team messaging application that far exceeds your average messaging platform. While a surprising amount of businesses still stick to email and text messaging as their primary form of communication, Slack gives you the tools to have a productive, connected, and organized team through its unique process of communication. Here is a list …

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The New G Suite Features and Updates Every SMB Should Know

Google has long been providing incredibly useful tools for small businesses. In addition to a powerful search engine for navigating the web, the company’s G Suite platform is a godsend for businesses that need to stay on top of their documents and communications. According to Reuters, the number of organizations paying for G Suite has …

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Pipedrive vs. Insightly: What makes CRMs vary in price?

As members of the Small Business Community, we are confronted with a ton of CRMs that at first glance, appear to be the same or function in the same way. We see the varying colors, brands, and organization of the dashboard, but what component causes the price to vary so drastically? Insightly and Pipedrive are …

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Duda vs. SquareSpace: Which is the better website builder?

Recently, comprehensive website builders have emerged on the market, making it possible for small business owners to create their own website without any prior experience. The downside is that many of these website builders have now evolved with very similar features and functionality, making it time-consuming to research the difference between them. What sets them …

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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

You put a lot of work into your small business, but to truly succeed you need a strong marketing plan. After you cover the basics, it’s time to move on to some creative ways to get the word out about what you have to offer. SEO Search engine optimization helps you improve the position that …

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Why Project Management Tools for Small Businesses are Essential

Eventually, nearly everyone has the opportunity to manage a project. Projects vary in size, complexity, and scope — from hosting a staff holiday party to building a skyscraper, but all projects share two features that make them different from other business endeavors. Projects are temporary. All projects have defined beginning and end in time. Projects …

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Payment Processing for Mobile Business: Mobile Payment Tools for an Updated Market

Have you ever picked up lunch at a food truck? How about having your haircut at a mobile stylist truck or bought vintage clothing from a boutique truck? Mobile businesses, that is businesses that travel to the customer, are an ancient institution — think of medieval tinkers traveling across Europe repairing pots, pans, and metal tools. …

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