As a business owner, you have a massive number of projects, decisions, and challenges that occupy a lot of your time and thought. How can you expect to run your business efficiently if you are facing issues with keeping track of your balance sheet and income statement? For most small businesses, the best accounting software will be a reasonable price, easy to learn, and have the capacity to support a growing corporation. From customer reviews, research, and popularity, CUE’s team of Experts has compiled a list of software for bookkeeping to help save your business the time and money it needs.

QuickBooks Online: The most popular accounting software

QuickBooks Online is the # 1 rated accounting software, serving over 2.2 million small businesses.
What makes QuickBooks unique is their ability to provide your business with cash flow statements, to help you know your finances in real time:

  • Know your expenses
  • Cash inflows from payments all in one place
  • Create and send invoices automatically, saving your business a lot of time.

Another great feature of QuickBooks Online is that it has many integrations such as:

If you do end up choosing QuickBooks Online, you can combine it with QuickerBookKeepers bookkeeping services to help your small business find trusted qualified bookkeepers and accountants. You can check out their services here!

FreshBooks: The service industry’s best friend

FreshBooks gives your employees the most simplistic way of recording services, sending invoices, and adding expenses from their mobile phone. FreshBooks is most ideal for client-service industries since FreshBooks excels at:

  • Helping businesses track time spent on each project and to ensure that time is spent productively.
  • Adding any expenses manually from any phone by uploading a photo of a receipt or invoice.
  • Freshbooks even allows your team to:
    • Upload files to projects
    • Facilitate team and client collaboration with options to allow
      • Teammates to ask questions and track their work
      • And Clients to provide feedback.
  • Invoices and estimates can easily be customized and sent to clients, and you can be sure that employees get paid accurately for their work.

Xero: The modern cash flow management software

Xero focuses on serving small to medium-sized businesses, with over 1 million small businesses and clients relying on them for their accounting.

  • Xero stands out by giving you the option to create professional looking business orders quickly, using items pre-saved from your inventory directly to your customer’s email.
    • This allows you to stay on top of the entire purchase order process from beginning to end, to make sure you deliver your product and the customer dutifully pays you money owed.

You can also link your Xero account to your bank, to keep track of all your finances in one place as they reconcile your bank information every day!

Kashoo: The most user-friendly accounting software

Kashoo is an award winner for the bronze medal by Capterra for Top 20 User-Friendly Accounting Software for Small Businesses.
Some of the ways that Kashoo is unique is that:

  • It offers excellent support through a live service team who is here to help you navigate their software so you can run your business anytime, anyplace.
  • You can accept payments and set up the payment process in a mere minute, with a fee of just 2.9% + $.030 per transaction.
  • Receipts can be tracked easily, as you can snap a photo of your receipt and upload it directly into Kashoo’s app!
  • Bank reconciliation happens automatically, and Kashoo links up to over 5,000 banks worldwide.

OneUp: The perfect example of an all-in-one accounting software

OneUp is used all over the world, the result of a business focused on empathetic listening to millions of small businesses. They specialize in automating accounting and invoicing, to let you run your business while OneUp manages the hard stuff.

  • Invoicing can be customized and sent in one click, and you can track and manage these invoices in your 360-degree client dashboard to help you understand their activity.
  • Sales and payments are posted into OneUp instantly, giving you an up-to-date view of your finances.
  • OneUp lets you manage real-time inventory and vendors.
    • It features an automatic inventory ordering feature that recommends which products to reorder and what quantity.
  • OneUp also functions as a CRM, helping you understand your leads and close sales faster.
    • You can track activity with potential leads, such as chats and tasks, send reminders to follow-up, and send adjustable quotes quickly and easily.

Wave: The best value and highly versatile accounting software

Wave distinguishes itself because it is not only a PC Mag Editor’s Choice of the Year for Accounting Software, but it also is free for its accounting services!
With Wave, you get a simple, jargon-less accounting software and a robust reporting all-in-one tool.

  • You can automatically generate reports such as for P&L, sales tax, and balance sheets to name a few so that you can be on top of your accounting.
  • You can invite unlimited collaborators to your accounts, such as business partners and accountants!
    • Everyone who needs to access the accounting information for your business, whether it be for taxes or general finance tracking, will be able to so that you can manage your books.

If you have started a company or are currently operating in one, you know that most of your time is spent building and expanding. This is done with brainstorming, development, creativity, and more. There isn’t time to waste in growing a small business, so there isn’t much time to learn about complicated accounting software. Accounting, while vitally important to the success of every company, should be as painless as possible. We believe that with the options listed in this blog, you will be able to find the best accounting software solution for your company.

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