You’re going for it. You’re starting your own business.

It’s thrilling, but it’s also a little intimidating. From accounting and hiring to marketing and customer relationships, there are so many things you need to figure out and manage—and a lot of them may be outside of your existing skill set.

First things first, take comfort in the fact that you aren’t the only person to feel this way. Every single business owner feels they are in way over their head at one point or another.

Don’t worry! There are resources out there to help you. That’s right—there are plenty of software options that can make handling those seemingly headache-worthy tasks a total breeze.

We know your next question: Well, how do I know which software I should be using? I’m new at this—how could I possibly know what to choose?

Have no fear—there are tools that can help you with that decision too.

Choosing Software to Start Your Business: Finding the Cream of the Crop

There’s no shortage of platforms out there that can help you discover all of the different software options that are out there.

But, while platforms like Capterra are great at turning up hundreds of viable software choices, the sheer amount can be overwhelming.

After all, you’re searching for software to make your life easier—so the last thing you want to do is roll up your sleeves and invest hours in doing research and wading through those listings. Your plate is already full enough.

We get that, which is why CUE delivers only the best fit for your business. Where other sites would give you a list of over one thousand software options, we’ll give you a refined list of 3-5 choices that are worth a look.

How do we determine who makes the cut? Our experts have an extensive vetting process including reading reviews and testing the products themselves in order to find the very best option for a small business owner. Those options are then placed into convenient categories—like email marketing and project management—to make it even easier to find what you need.

There are no sponsored listings or rankings, meaning you can rely on authentic information to make the very best selection for your business.

The bottom line: We’re here to help you and not the software companies.

Still unsure of where to get started?

Removing the Headaches From Your Software Management

We’ll admit that narrowing the field when it comes to software options is a great perk. However, that’s not all you can expect when using CUE.

The CUE Business Dashboard for small business brings your applications and reports right to your fingertips. From snapshots of your financial health to understanding the impact of your marketing efforts, the CUE Business Dashboard is a fast, secure way to gain daily insight into your business.

Managing the billing and payments for all of your different software offerings can be a pain. Through the Dashboard, all of your payment information is stored in one secure location. So, if you need to update your credit card information, you only need to do it once—as opposed to through eight different software accounts.

The Dashboard also gives you a view across all of your social and marketing channels, so you can instantly get a deeper understanding of how you’re reaching your customers. You can even integrate your email marketing platform.

And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed about all of the software options out there, CUE will recommend products that are perfectly tailored to your current needs. As your business grows, so will CUE’s recommendations.

In short, using CUE means that you can spend less time managing your software, and more time doing what matters: running your new business.

Want to give CUE a try? Test out any of these products and until August 31st, 2018 get a 20% Lifetime Discount and access to your free dashboard.