Partner with CUE

You are a company targeting new and existing small business customers. CUE can help you build customer loyalty and retention.
Why CUE?
Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, CUE is the only software marketplace that combines comprehensive product research and unbiased recommendations with an intuitive dashboard to make it simple to discover, purchase and manage the software and services that power the savvy small businesses of today and tomorrow. All in one place.
Partner Benefits
Rely on CUE to help your small business customers launch and grow with a white-labeled version of our marketplace embedded in your website and touch point messaging. With a custom instance of CUE Marketplace running under the hood of your brand engine, your small business customers will have access to all the resources they need to stay competitive in the data-driven economy.
CUE Dashboard
CUE users are able to track all of their business software and services in one place. License and subscription payment details are entered and managed in one place. User information is managed in one place. All under your business's brand.
Discounts and Promotions
All of CUE’s volume-based discounts are passed on to your customers. Offer your new and existing customers discounts on recommended software to separate yourself from the competition.
Customer Service
CUE ensures that your customers are given the best assistance at every step of their journey. Our team is trained and staffed to handle any issue from purchase, to installation, to ongoing management with all of the products and services available on CUE Marketplace.
New Partner Form
Interested in learning more about becoming a partner with CUE Marketplace? Fill out your information below or you can call us at 303-589-5416 and we will set up a conversation with you and your team.